If you deal with paperwork on a normal basis, the Shamma Nissi Kleaning Akademia team can be a big help to you. We understand that things can get messy and complex, especially if you run a business, and having helpers you can trust makes all the difference. That’s why we are here. Our notary team has years of experience and would be honored to help you ensure all of your papers are processed correctly and kept safe from fraud.

As impartial parties, we have the ability to protect your rights and prevent document fraud. Making copies, getting signatures, and making sure everything is in order are all parts of what we do. Our first priority is to screen all signers for their identity, awareness, and volition. Once we know the signer is making their mark free of coercion and incompetency, we record important details in our journal of notarial acts. Lastly, we complete a notarial certificate that defines exactly what we certified, after which we sign and affix a Notary office seal to the paperwork.

Correctly-notarized paperwork carries maximum weight in a court of law, so even if you’re not sure you need a notary, you’re safest contacting us anyway. We’re big believers in “hoping for the best but preparing for the worst,” and our notary services can put you in a powerful position should your paperwork end up in court for any reason. Contact our notary team in Washington D.C. today.