Post-Construction Cleanup

Have you recently finished a remodeling project but you can’t get back to normal because every surface is covered in sawdust? Do you need to move into your new office, but the carpets are messy and the windows are smeared? Well, you just found your ultimate solution. Shammah Nissi Kleaning Akademia is proud to provide Washington D.C. with world-class cleaning services. We carefully put the finishing touches on your home or business so you can relax and focus on moving in or whatever else life requires of you.

When you choose Shammah Nissi Kleaning Akademia for your cleaning needs, you don’t have to worry about making your home or business shine. We know that construction is a messy business, but it’s also exciting. After all the building is done and you’ve paid the bills, the last thing you want is damage. Special care must be taken to clean everything up while keeping it at its best. Fortunately, that’s our specialty. There is nothing we love more than making properties look their best while treating them with care.

Any type of construction is an investment. The Shammah Nissi Kleaning Akademia team understands the value of your property and would be privileged to help you take care of it.

Our highly trained team can handle all of your post-construction cleaning needs, so contact us today to learn more.